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Department of Information Technology and Communication


Welcome to the Department of Information Technology and Communication (ITC) at Shih-Chien University, Kaohsiung Campus. This department was established in 2004 for training the next generation students who major in information technology and communication networking. Our department offers IEET (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan) accredited B.S. degrees in science to over 400 undergraduate students each year.

Our major educational objectives are as follows:

1.      To enhance the capability on commercial application and value-added service of information and communication

2.      To cultivate students with positive work attitudes and disciplines while upholding lifelong learning

3.      To foster the accomplishments on Humanities Science, artistic and ethics

In order to complete the objectives of the department, we have arranged a series of innovative courses that emphasize the application of design and learning in practice. For example, we have designed courses covering the following topics: App development for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, drone applications, and household robot design. These courses were created with two focuses in mind, mobile and smart home applications.

After graduation, students pursue careers in a variety of fields. Such fields include mobile App development, network deployment and management, NFC system development, remote sensing, drone design, 3D interactive multimedia design, digital media broadcasting, and other communication related industries.

Please take time to visit our website,, or visit us in person to see the possibilities available in this growing, student-oriented department. These are exciting times, and we wish to share our enthusiasm with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.